November 18, 2021

Urdu stories: Pur israr Khazana


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Urdu story: Pur israr Khazana

Category: History of king

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About Story:

Fifty-two years after the discovery of the tomb of Pharaoh Toutan Khamenei of Egypt, it was discovered that the tomb of a prominent Emir of Toutan Khamenei, Raos, was buried in layers of sand in its vicinity. The discovery was made by Professor Douglas, a British archaeologist. Professor Douglas's age at the time was suggested by the figure of sixty. He spent most of his life researching the remains of the past. Although he could not personally discover any secrets of the past buried in the bosom of the earth, his opinion on this subject was given great importance. Especially in Egypt, it was considered an authority. He was second to none in understanding the ancient writings of the world. In this case, his opinion was considered final.

The tomb of Toutan Khamenei also contained a number of items for which no opinion has yet been formed and no conclusions have been drawn. Professor Douglas has been doing research in this area for a long time. Finally, after twenty-eight years of studying the tomb of Tutankhamen and the tombs in the British Museum, Professor Douglas concluded that there was a tomb of Tautin Khamenei's trusted Emir Raussis in the vicinity of the tomb.


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