August 28, 2021

The Castle of Otranto | free download

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Author: Horace Walpole
Country: England
Language: English
Type: Genre Gothic, horror novel
Publication date: 1764

About Book

The Castle of Otranto may be a 1764 novel by a historiographer. it's typically considered the primary gothic novel.

In the second edition, Walpole applied the word 'Gothic' to the novel within the subtitle – "A Gothic Story".

The novel united medievalism and terror in an exceeding vogue that has endured ever since.
The aesthetics of the book formed contemporary gothic books, films, art, music, and goth social group.

The novel initiated a style that might become extraordinarily in style within the later eighteenth and early nineteenth century, with authors like Clara Reeve, Ann Radcliffe, William Thomas Beckford, Matthew Lewis, Mary Shelley, writer, King of England Allan poet, Henry Martyn Robert Joseph Louis Barrow Stevenson, and Saint George du Maurier.


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