August 13, 2021

Brood of the Witch-Queen by Sax Rohmer

Brood of the Witch-Queen book cover design

Title: Brood of the Witch-Queen

Author: Sax Rohmer

Release Date: November 3, 2006 [EBook #19706]

Language: English

Character set encoding: ISO-8859-1

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Fiction Review

The novel begins with the strange murder of Sir Michael Ferrara. A horrifying series of events follows, leading to a woman being used against her will to prey on her husband and then abducted and killed inside a secret chamber in an old Egyptian pyramid.

Only after a series of adventures and investigation is Antony Ferrara made powerless by Dr. Bruce Cairn destroying the source of his control — the famed Book of Thoth — upon which Ferrara is no longer able to control the elemental he has summoned and is found as a burned corpse the day after.


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