Monday, 2 December 2019

Best English poems and poetry

1. I fell in love with your Romantic Poems

I want to hug you and whisper the most beautiful words to your ear.
I want to drink from your lips and discover the taste of your mouth in a kiss.
have you face to face and give you pigeons in the form of caresses.
I would like to tell you I did not plan any of this, it just happened, I fell in love with it.
and I do not find any justification for the love that you make me feel.
I do not know if it was your smile, your kindness, your eyes, or your essence.
but one day my soul began to express it with poems... Verses that you cannot imagine me writing for..maybe soon you will know.
you do not imagine that my greatest desire is to breathe the air that you breathe.
step on the ground that you stand and use the same bed sheets that warm you up.
and even though I know that your kisses and hugs do not belong to me yet... I love you anyway.

2. Love at sunset romantic poem

from the first time I saw you, you had my heart I didn't know how to talk to you, I didn't know how to start your eyes, your smile, and your beautiful face turns my hell world into heaven the angel's place I know it's hard for you when I'm far away but every single hour and every single day I think of you in a special way please listen to what my hearts gonna whisper or say you light up my life like a candle on my birthday I wanna hold your day and night I wanna hold you tight please be with me, my love so deep please be with me, since I'm awake till I'm asleep you know love may sometimes make you cry for you know love will always let you fly since I saw your eyes, your face from my mind has never gone and my heart always beating for you, refusing to be a cold stone you are my angel who took my life from darkness into the light up there, like my shining star, watching over me in every night your love drew me out from death to life I wanna you be my lady, I wanna you be my wife I miss you like the desert to miss the train I miss you and my heart suffers from sadness and pain you know I love you, forever and ever for eternity, we, ll be together.

6 English poetries 


I really don't know why sometimes I want to cry I wish to scream and shout and let my feelings out


I am living like a king but still, I miss something. I have nothing less but I can't feel happiness

inside my bones am trapped and with a skin am wrapped within myself, I do hide. I feel no pain or joy inside...


my life has come to a pause in silence my days all pass my heart has turned too numb am just waiting for the end to come.


with no more hopes to persist my dream has ceased to exist with no more paths to follow my heavy heart is hollow.


with emptiness, all alone I can feel my tears rolling down I really don't know why. sometimes silence makes me cry.

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