November 9, 2019

Top 8 Best Cardio for Weight Loss

Top 8 Best Cardio for Weight Loss Secrets You Never Knew 2019 Now the point comes which is the best cardio for fat loss and fit body.

This image showing difference between result

Cardio exercises can simply be defined as physical workouts that increase the rate of your heartbeat.

Though it is a universal truth that our bodies are born to move always, most of us give a damn to this fact and love to be in idle mode.

In lack of physical movement, we often witness decay in the strength of our muscles and the extra fat accumulated around our waist.

Cardio is good to go if you just want to stay extremely fit without lifting the heavy weights in the gym.

Different cardio exercises help us burn calories, but when it comes to the best cardio to burn fat, we should always rely on the fitness experts and the informative blogs published on the reputed websites.

When cardio is mixed with the appropriate diet regime, it creates no less than the wonder if you are endeavoring to shed off those extra pounds from your body.

Body fat is highly stubborn and you need to adopt the best methods of cardiovascular activities to get rid of it.

Here we are going to discuss the topmost cardio workouts for weight loss.

infographic for cycling exercise benefits cycling- An Effective Cardio For Weight loss Cycling is counted amongst the best cardiovascular workouts that transform your chubby body in great shape.

An hour of cycling can burn 600 calories from your body. Cycling not only burns calories but also gives your leg muscles immense strength.

A blend of vigorous cycling sessions and sincere eating habits are sure to burn the extra belly fat and the pounds that make you chubby.

indoor cycling is the best cardio exercise for weight loss at the gym and that is better for cardiovascular health because is done inside the Trainer.

The exact number of calories burned during a bike ride can be difficult to gauge. We represent rough estimates of how many calories you burn during cycling.

Calories Burn 30min:

Recreational, 5mph: 75-155kcal
Moderate, 10mph: 190-415kcal
Vigorous, 15mph: 300-670kcal

Jumping Rope- Always Lets Your Weight Down

You can burn 600-960 calories per hour with a jumping rope even at a moderate rate. Doesn’t such an effective calorie-burning rate make it great cardio for fat loss?

The jump rope workout divided into 6 sets of 10-minute not only burns the calories but gives mammoth power and stamina to your whole body.

You won’t believe that each 10-minute session of skipping rope is equal to the running of approximately 8 miles.

The major benefits of jumping rope are

Effectual calorie burner
Remarkable boost in agility and swiftness
Improves bone density
Enhances memory power and brain functioning
Puts no strain of gym membership fees in your pocket
Offers different jumping styles (Chinese wheel jumping, double Dutch, etc.)

Dance- Shake Your Belly to Burn The Tires

Don’t be sad if you can’t burn the dance floor with your dancing. But a dancing session of half an hour on a daily basis can help you burn the extra flash that stops you to flaunt your body. Dancing is considered to be the best cardio for weight loss.

Not all of us are great dancers but we can dance in front of the mirror secretly to bring the wow factor in the shape of our bodies.

You can look elegant with the following dance forms

Hip Hop
Hip Hop Abs
Belly Dancing
ballroom dance
Salsa, etc.

Enroll your name for Zumba classes or various other dance forms to stay fit and it also inculcates the skills of performing art in you. So it is always a win-win situation for you to spend some time performing the dance moves.

Swimming- Embrace Water And Lose Fat

Swimming is an excellent cardio workout to lose weight in 2 weeks and helps to promotes blood circulation.

It burns calories in the same fashion as the entry of the ex of your beloved burns your heart.

It is recommended by the cardiovascular experts the most because of the health benefits you can reap through even a half an hour swimming session.

Apart from rapid weight loss, the thing that makes swimming the fastest way to lose weight. is that it burns around 500 calories just in 30 minutes.

Needless to say, it lets the capacity of your lungs reach a peak. Our research data from 1hrs of swimming was estimated.

this image showing weight loss chart

Running- Run to Lose

Right from the ancient time when the cardiovascular workout equipment was not invented, running was the real passion among the young generation to stay away from obesity.

Yes, running is one of the most effective cardio for fat loss that takes an edge over any other activity when it comes to calorie burning at a rapid pace.

It guarantees weight loss only when mixed with a healthy diet. The secret of losing weight lies in burning more calories than your intake.

Plan a personalized 20-minute jogging session daily, eat healthy food, and see how magically you get rid of the extra fat.

You can use the formulas below that is the best way to evaluate the actual calorie burn of any exercise.

this image showing weight loss chart

Climb Stairs to Be Fit

You must be a lucky chap if your office or home is located on the third or fourth floor of the building.

How? Climbing stairs on a regular basis is itself a great cardiovascular workout that helps you maintain a safe distance from fatal obesity even if you enjoy the pizza party once a month.

You can burn more than 500 calories per day once you reach the level of the 60-minute session of climbing stairs.

It’s hard but you can achieve the same level with sheer dedication and determination.

Benefits of climbing stairs

Excellent to eliminate cellulite burning fat cells and also to reduce bad cholesterol.
Climbing stairs burned on average 500 calories in one hour.
It helps to increase the proportion of muscle mass to total body weight.
It is a very effective aerobic activity to work the leg muscles, burn fat in the lower part of our body, and expend energy.
This exercise will help you to burn the macronutrients of the foods.

Squash- Hit More to Lose More

Believe us; the weight loss program doesn’t snatch your right to entertainment. Embrace the hobby of playing squash which is quite an interesting game and helps you in keeping your body toned.

Leave yourself alone in a rectangular room with a racket & ball and hit the wall with the maximum force again and again.

When you running jumping and diving for the ball so your heart and lungs are working at peak efficiency and it keeps your heart rate up at all times that is the best part of the cardio workout.

An hour of squash can let you burn 900+ calories per day. Isn’t it great cardio for weight loss?

Calories Burn Estimate in Squash

weight loss chart

Fall in Love With a Rowing Machine To Have a Loveable Body

The science of rowing machines says- the more time you spend on the machine, the more fat you lose.

But you will have to be a miser in the calorie intake to experience the weight loss through rowing; else your sweat will go in vain.

Eating high-fiber food with no saturated fat intake is the secret to losing weight and cardiovascular programs like rowing.

Make such a rower your companion which can optimize your cardiovascular training regime to keep you in the fat-burning zone always.

Rowing with the correct technique is safe and puts very less strain on your body. Hence, fitness trainers suggest this program to even-aged people.

Let’s Wrap It Here

It is undeniable that to be in shape, you will have to shake hands with at least one of the aforesaid cardiovascular programs.

The different aerobic training programs are recommended by the fitness experts for people with different body types but the success mantra is to combine the training with the ideal diet plan.

If you want to accomplish the supreme results then leave the procrastination aside and start giving your body the pain as there is no gain without pain.


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