September 5, 2019

One Simple Shampoo That Will Make Your

One Simple Shampoo That Will Make Your Hair Grow Like Crazy and Everyone Will Be Jealous of Your Shine and Volume.

Most of us are very self-conscious when it comes to our hair. Men see the strength of their hair as a sort of a reflection of the strength of their body, while women see it as the image of their beauty.


But even though it is so important to us, most of us don’t treat their hair so well.

We use various synthetic products to wash, dye, and condition our hair, while some even worsen this effect by using irons and other accessories that do more damage with each use.

And when you add the daily stress of our lives into the equation, the result you get is damaged, frail, and lifeless hair.

That’s why we offer a natural solution for preserving and reviving your hair, which gives fast results and is completely safe to use.

Regular use of this home-made shampoo will significantly improve the vitality and shine of your hair.

What do you need (ingredients)
  • Vitamin B (2 vials);
  • AD drops (30ml; watered solution);
  • Panthenol (100ml; watered solution);
  • Nettle shampoo (750ml; plain);
  • Nettle drops (30ml);
  • Castor oil (50ml);
How to prepare it (preparation)

Making it is very simple. Just add all of the ingredients to the 750ml of nettle shampoo and you’re done!

Why it is effective?

Apart from being full of vitamins, this shampoo other contains ingredients that are very beneficial to your hair

Panthenol contains pantothenic acid (also referred to as vitamin B5) which helps in the regeneration of your hair but also preserves the vitality of your scalp skin.

Vitamin B restores the strength of your hair by increasing it's nutrient absorption.

Castor oil contains high amounts of vitamin E and ricinoleic acid, which helps to protect your hair from free-radical damage on your scalp skin and hair roots.

It is also very effective when it comes to regenerating your hair, removing dead cells from your scalp tissue, as well as fighting the bacteria and fungi that cause irritations, inflammations, and dandruff.

Nettle is good for stimulating the blood flow in your scalp which consequently speeds up the metabolic processes of the internal epidermis and improves the absorption of the remaining ingredients.

How to use it (consuming):

Make sure to shake the bottle well before you use it. Apply some on your palms and then thoroughly massage your scalp.

Leave it for several minutes before you rinse your hair. If you happen to have dry hair, use 150ml of nettle drops instead.

And if you have suffered from hair loss prior to using the shampoo, you can boost its effect by drinking nettle tea.

The ingredients are easy to find and their combination is perfect for restoring the strength, shine, and softness of your hair.


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