August 26, 2019

30 Second Daily Skin Care Tips that may cause you to Look ten Years Younger!!

If you want to preserve the youth and freshness of your skin for long after your prime years, you should start doing some little changes in your skincare.

Two women's are showing face and smiling

Perhaps there are already some things that you often do to keep your skin healthy and fresh.

However, if they don’t seem to be getting you your desired results perhaps there is something you are missing.

With that in mind, here are some beauty hacks that’ll help you keep your skin young and fresh:

1.Avoid popping your acne;

2.Avoid using ice cubes for your acne;

3.Keep your facial creams in your refrigerator to keep them cold;

4.Never fall asleep while still wearing makeup;

5.Avoid touching your face if you haven’t washed your hands right before doing it.

6.There are hundreds of bacteria running around and you don’t want them on your face;

7.Whenever you clean your face give it a gentle massage to improve the blood flow and stimulate the muscles (and avoid wrinkles);

8.Keep a healthy diet. Include foods that are good for your skin;

9.Make your own homemade skin solutions.

10.A lot of the items found in your kitchen like oatmeal, olive oil, tea, and coconut oil can be used for keeping your skin healthy;

11.Don’t use an equivalent towel for your face and hair;

12.Regularly change your pillowcase;

13.Be careful when using hair-care products.

14.You don’t want them on your skin;

15.Clean your mobile phone screen regularly.

16.They are full of bacteria and germs;

17.If you start getting acne for no reason, get a medical check to see whether something’s wrong with your body;

18.Always get enough water;

19.Eat organic;

20.Do regular skin exfoliations.

21.Get rid of the dead skin cells to keep your face young;

22.Make sure that the skin products you buy are natural.

23.Always check the label for skin-damaging chemicals.


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