Friday, July 12, 2019

Roshan Diyee By Farman Jaffri

Urdu afsanay
FJ Novels

Urdu Afsana Novel Roshan Diyee By Farman Jaffri
Category Emotional story
Publisher Urdu Digest and Online Magazine
( Urdu asana, Urdu Short story, )

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Roshan Diye review

This is a story of people who know the relationships.
The story of those who accepted one another in difficult times.
This is the story of those who know that they are the friends of friends.
This story is Fatima Zahra and Aamna Jafri,
who is new to new settlers in the area of Karachi in Gulshan-e- Hadid.
And then after being promoted, they both find a solution. And while passing,
the relationship between these two friendships reach the end.
Life is a joy that is going to be a hurricane in the past.
And then the good of their well-being, the time it takes,
the more slowly it becomes.

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