Friday, 2 November 2018

Where ‘Yes! To Affordable Groceries’ Really Means No to a Soda Tax

mall market
SEATTLE — Standing in a very food market turn out aisle, her face umbrageous with dread, the old girl speaks on to the camera and makes a plea for common decency.

“We mustn't be taxed on what we have a tendency to eat,” she says in a very business that's being broadcast across Washington State. “We ought to eat to survive, and if we've to chop back on what we have a tendency to eat, that’s not getting to be sensible — particularly for the aged.”
In the run-up to polling day, residents of Washington and OR are bombarded with similar messages from teams with names like Yes! To cheap Groceries. The organizations have spent quite $25 million on commercials that feature plain-spoken farmers and penny-pinching moms urging support of ballot measures that may require municipalities from burdensome food sales.

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