Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Juul Will Stop Selling Most E-Cigarette Flavors in Stores and Halt Social Media Promotions

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Bowing to government and public pressure, vaporizer company Juul proclaimed plans weekday to get rid of most of its e-cigarette flavors from stores yet as halt all of its social media promotions.

Starting straight off, Juul can not settle for retail orders for mango, fruit, creme, and cucumber Juul pods. the corporate can still sell lotion, mint and, tobacco flavors at retail stores.
The seasoned pods ar reportedly exceptionally fashionable middle and highschool students. Since the Juul device resembles atiny low flash drive and therefore the vapor dissipates quickly,
those students were allegedly ready to vape while not drawing the eye of their lecturers or college officers.

Beyond halting retail sales, Juul plans to pack up its Facebook and Instagram accounts promoting the seasoned pods and can raise Twitter and Snapchat to “police” posts therefore they’re not shown to underage users, The ny Times reports.


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