Thursday, 1 November 2018

It’s Not Just Pre-Existing Conditions. Voters Weigh Many Health Issues on State Ballots

Health care has been a dominant issue on the campaign path this fall, with voters significantly upset concerning continued insurance protections for individuals with pre-existing medical conditions. however, on polling day, they're going to decide the variety of alternative vital health care queries for his or her states through ballot initiatives.

Among the foremost important square measure referendums that might expand health care in Idaho, Nebraska, and Utah. If voters all told 3 states to approve, AN calculable 340,000 extra low-income adults would be eligible for gratis health coverage through the govt. a program, because of the health law permits, beginning next year.

But the ballot queries conjointly cowl a good vary of alternative issues: whether or not to ease penalties for low-level drug offenders in Ohio; take into account a ban on vaping in indoor workspaces in Florida; and whether or not to get rid of abortion protections from state constitutions in Alabama and WV.

Medicaid enlargement

In addition to the ballot queries in Idaho, Nebraska, and Utah, the result of tight governor’s races in seven states that have up to now resisted increasing health care might modification the equation there.

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