Monday, 5 November 2018

Dogs Can Detect Malaria. How Useful Is That?

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By DONALD G. McNEIL Jr. from NYT Health

Dogs have such delicately sensitive noses that they will discover bombs, drugs, citrus and different contraband in baggage or pockets.

Is it doable that they will smell out even malaria?
And when might that be useful?
A small pilot study has shown that dogs will accurately establish trucks worn night long by youngsters infected with protozoal infection parasites — even once the kids had cases so gentle that
they were not feverish.
The study, a collaboration between British and Gambian scientists and also the British charity Medical Detection Dogs, was discharged last week at the annual convention of the Yankee Society of Tropical
Medicine and Hygiene.
In itself, such canine prowess is not surprising.
Since 2004, dogs have shown that they will discover bladder cancer in excretion samples, carcinoma in breath samples and gonad cancer in blood samples.

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